Yahoo Sells To Verizon

Yahoo was the king of the internet , a 125# billion worth in its time as of google and Facebook are today.

Now its being sold to Verizon .

ON Monday morning yahoo announce to end by making its own company sell to Verizon for $4.8 billion in cash.

This transaction end the independence of one silicon Valley most iconic pioneering companies.

The seventh CEO Marissa Mayer will reportedly depart as a part of deal conclusion with pay more than $50 million.

The sale will unite yahoo with another fallen star,AOL the first web portal Verizon bought last year for $4.4 billion.

The United states largest wireless provider is also betting $10 billion so that two combine of two dominant websites will give edge to mobile content and advertising.

Yahoo was begin in 1994 by jerry guide to the World wide web.

list of websites created by Stanford university students jerry yang and david filo.

In 1996 it went public ,reaching a peak of $500 a share.

At the height of bubble , it spent $4.5 billion to buy geocities and $5.7 billion to buy

But did not do a chance to buy google and Facebook.

Mayer a google Executive tried to right yahoo ship but her tenure marred by confused strategy and mismanagement.