Us troops facing warning .

Us troops facing warning from Russia has put dozens of specials operational forces in Baltic countries of Estonia,Latvia and Lithuania.

They fear a forthcoming warning from an increasingly assertive Russia.

Former soviet republic that gain access after the breakage of soviet union over two decades ago.

There have been a shocking condition created by Moscow intervention in Ukraine and increasing Russian forces in Baltic sea.

Gen raymond T. thomas head of the pentagon special operations command

He said to the small militaries of Baltic states that “They are scared to Death of Russia.”

Three countries are “desperate” to rule under American leadership.

Moscow is familiar of the US troops deployment.

US troops has amazing surveillance technology with broad intelligence.

Other while Baltic partners is equipped with Russian military tactics and use of cyber warfare.

Finally Nato forces including USA has increase military exercises in the Baltic.

Because of the increasing Russian military forces off the coats of the Baltic and western Europe.

in short Nato wil send 800-1200 troops in each of the three Baltic states .

In the final analysis The deployment of this large military exercise in the Baltic countries is a deter to Russia aggression.