India is the second largest arms buyer among the developing nations ,a report commisioned by the United States (US) congress.

And the claim looked right on Wednesday the outgoing Indian Air force Chief Arup raha said the country is in need of 200 Rafale-type war planes instead of the 36 that the country hasd purchased from France.

“USD 93.5 billion agreements ,Saudi Arab was the leading making of world arms purchase from 2008-2015.India is on the second number of developing world arms purchaser from 2008-2015 making agreements totaling USD 34 billion “

US as a important  part in recent indian procurement of Arms according to report highlights.CRS said India purchased six C130J cargo aircraft from united states.

In 2010,57 hawk jet trainer for USd 1 billion sold by UK to India.

In 2010 ,12 AW1-1 helicopters sold by Italy to India.

In 2011, secured contract with India and france with amount of USD 2.4 billion of up gradation 51 of Indian Mirage-2000 combat fighters , and the US agree to sell India 10 C-17 Globe-master III aircraft for the amount of USD 4.1 billion.

The purchases of arms by India indicates Russia will have a tough competition with India in recent years in terms of Arms market.
Although India is not assured of consistently purchase of major combat systems, CRS said

Indeed , Russia had eliminated from the international competition to supply a news upgraded generation combat fighter aircraft by India , Although competition won by France.

In 2015 , A contract had placed between India and Russia in which India would procure at leas 200 KA – 226T Helicopter, the report said

Moscow is looking for other options while India is reducing its reliance on Russia on arms purchase , it added
Raha told on a briefing one media that 36 RAfale warplances ordered from France for $9.7 billion were not enough and India needed to purchase at least 200 such fighter jet to upgrade its military .

Dec 31 , raha retires he said IAF’s Russian-origin Ilyushin-78 tanker fleet was seriously need improvement because of its maintenance problems and more midair refullers were a “strategic requirement” to extend the range of fifer planes.

For setting up news production line in country IAF would require the 200 medium – wight fighters in the next 5 – 10 years.

“The Rafalle. an excellent aircraft that prove its worth in any campaign.we have only signed the 36 of that …but we require more airplane of the medium weight category”., This was quoted by RAha in Hindustan times as saying in his last media briefing

On Sept 23 a deal signed between India and France on ending long drawn out negotiations that begin after India Prime minister narendra Modi announced the deal during a Paris visit in April 2015
The paper said that the fully equipped weapons will be delivered to the IAF between sept 2019 and April 2022.

The IAF has admitted that it doe,nt have enough fighter that retaliate to a joint threat from china and Pakistan, the paper said it has 33 figher squadrons,against the sanctioned 42