Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that he has been questioned about holiday tookup with aghan khan.
investigation into the vacation could hurt Trudeau who came to power in 2015.

Trudeau is the most popular and recent prime minister , has taken a hit with electorate amid allegations he broke the rules .

He take a private helicopter to bell island a Bahamas resort owned by Agha khan.

It was a private vacation with a personal friend he told to the news in Fredericton.

I am answering questions that the ethics commissioner has for us on hat .

Trudeau did not elaborate the discussion with Dawson .

if the ethics commissioner rules against him
Trudeau could face a small a small fine.

Trudeau said he has known agha khan since childhood.

Trudeau is currently on a cross country tour,

Trudeau though that there is not immediate danger since the next election is not until october 2019 and both main opposition parties lack permanent leaders.

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