Syrian governor deal

Syrian governor reached on a point that army will go in the rebel held area to restore water supply.

Opposition sources denied that there was not any such deal.

SANA agency reported people were leaving the region and dozens of them were fighters.

Deal comes after the weeks of fighting in the region.

The fighting has put large damage on water resources in result 5.5 million people suffer from the shortage of water, UN said

Damascus governor Alaa Ibrahim told sana that a deal has been done to re-control the region.

Non militants leave the area of WAdi Barda he said.

Somehow Then Syrian army will enter in the city to clear all the bombs and mines and recover the water pumps and pipes.

Ahmed ramadan official opposition national coalition denied that such deal .

The information is not true and its a part of psychological warfare.

Jan 23 peace talks

More-over fighting is still continue in wadi barada .

Work is ongoing and the list of participants is gathering.

Although Regime ally Iran is also supporting for peace talks and talk on the issue that has killed 310,000 people.

Turkey and rebels warned that the ongoing fighting in wadi barada could destroy the talks in Astana .

Observatory reported government air strikes in several parts of the Eastern ghouta region outside Damascus that killed one person and wounded 9.

At overnight air strikes hit rebel held parts of Aleppo and idlib province.