Russia starts scaling down Syria military

Russia scaling down military deployment in Syria.

Because of the intense bombing of rebel held district home to the capital main water source.

Moscow intervention in 2015 September turn in favor of President bashar al assad.

Whose forces had captured Aleppo , the opposition stronghold city.

On dec 29 naval group headed by aircraft carrier Admiral kuzntesov leave the conflict zone under the document ordered by President Vladimit putin.

Aircraft from carrier hit 1252 terrorist in a 2 month period mission.

Kuznetsov arrived in syria so when russia boosted firepower on land.

And the medditerrain to support regime forces that was targetting Aleppo.

Moscow has already announced a partial withdrawn aggreement of russian forces in 2016 march

United nations said 5.5 million had been affected warning that destroying water supplies was a war crime.

The world health organization said that after fighting finished .

It could take so many days to restore the supply.

TO sum up spokesman Tarik said to the WHo organization when water repair team would be able to access the water source.

In brief It would take 4 days to repair the water source.

In addition Because of water crisis , the prices of the water is too high almost doubling the bottle price