Ready to negotiate on presidency,

Syrian President bashar ul asad that we are ready to talk on everything peace talks in Afghanistan.

Although But it was not clear that who will be in the opposition .

Constitution must be discuss if they want to discuss

Assad said who will be there from other side or it will be Syrian opposition ?

Saudi Arabia,France and Britain The abandon groups are backed by them.

In addition “Free Syrian groups”,the rebels operating under them had freeze the talk under astana talks due to violations of cease fire.

Cease fire brokered by turkey and Russia.

Further more Major opposition of Assad ,Russia and Turkey are agree on the peace talks that will revive the democracy.But during war they both accused each other with many violations.


further more To repair the spring ,government and rebels failed on that because of air strikes escalated on Sunday.

Finally Assad said jihadist group covered Wadi Barada.

Somehow Terrorist occupy main source of water in Damascus,damaging 5 million civilians under water dispute.

Syrian army wants to save that area ,he said

If the government planned to recapture raqqa hold by the ISIS.Assad said it was Syrian army role to save every inch of Syrian island.