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Russia starts scaling down Syria military deployment


Russia starts scaling down Syria military

Russia scaling down military deployment in Syria.

Because of the intense bombing of rebel held district home to the capital main water source.

Moscow intervention in 2015 September turn in favor of President bashar al assad.

Whose forces had captured Aleppo , the opposition stronghold city.

On dec 29 naval group headed by aircraft carrier Admiral kuzntesov leave the conflict zone under the document ordered by President Vladimit putin.

Aircraft from carrier hit 1252 terrorist in a 2 month period mission.

Kuznetsov arrived in syria so when russia boosted firepower on land.

And the medditerrain to support regime forces that was targetting Aleppo.

Moscow has already announced a partial withdrawn aggreement of russian forces in 2016 march

United nations said 5.5 million had been affected warning that destroying water supplies was a war crime.

The world health organization said that after fighting finished .

It could take so many days to restore the supply.

TO sum up spokesman Tarik said to the WHo organization when water repair team would be able to access the water source.

In brief It would take 4 days to repair the water source.

In addition Because of water crisis , the prices of the water is too high almost doubling the bottle price

43 at least killed in car bomb in Syrian town


43 at least killed. Syrian town car bomb killed 43 people

43 At least killed in Syrian car bomb went off in a busy market in revolt held Syrian town.

Car bomb blast occurred along with the Turkish border activist and rescue workers said.

The explosion was done at the central market in the town of Azaz.

Northern province of Alleppo damaging a government building and local court house as well.

Rami abdurrahman the syrian observatory head for human rights monitoring group said that .

6 people has been killed as opposition fighters.

Explosion was caused by fuel tanker because of this high death toll occurred.

Azaz media center reported death toll at 50.

Search and rescue operations continued for at least 2 hours.

Baha al – halabi in Aleppo said that there were many unidentified bodies due to the explosion.

Although Images that were shown online has a plume of black smoke rising and echoing of guns voice in the background.

so many rebels and civilians were pushed out from the Aleppo last year.

West of Azaz syrian kurdish forces have control of swath of land.

On east opposition fighters blacked by turkey and have been pushing back the militan Islamic state group fighters.

US built tactical operations center in Pakistan

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks about the Ukraine crisis after his meetings with other foreign ministers in Paris, March 5, 2014. Kerry spoke to reporters at the U.S. ambassador's residence in Paris. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (FRANCE - Tags: POLITICS)

US built tactical operations .It is running in Pakistan.

Us secretary john Kerry said that Us has built fully tactical operation centers in Pakistan.

The Top Us diplomat in memo also said that Iraq and Afghanistan are also the countries where US created Centers.

The document doesn’t know where these centers are running and who is operating them now.

The key operations centers are in Afghanistan,iraq and Pakistan.

In memo Pakistan and Afghanistan are strongholds were AL Qaeda strongholds.

Under Obama administration core leadership of groups eliminated ,osama bin ladin eliminated.

Afghanistan need time to be perfect but we must continue to support afghan.

We support Afghanistan till they work to build a secure and peaceful future in the months ahead.

Donald Trump provoke Schwarzenegger over ratings


Donald Trump provoke Schwarzenegger. over Celebrity Apprentice ratings.

In addition trump provoke Arnold that he was destroyed in TV ratings

Similarly Trump said Arnold is a rating machine for movie star.

IN response actor called on him and said that you worked for your ratings.

However, Monday season launch was view by estimated 4.9 million people – down 43% on the last season premiere in 2015.

Trump using wikileaks to cast doubt on election

At the same time Former California governor replaced MT trumps “your are fired” catchphrase with “Your are terminated”

A reference to his roll in the terminator film and its sequels ‘I wish you luck’

Behind is better than inherited : Says Obama


Behind is better than inherited.said by Obama .

WAsHington : A letter to open american people he said that i am confident on what was i am leaving behind

What i inherited is much worse than right now condition.

The America after 8 years of progress by so many measures.

“Our country is more secure and prosperous ” a situation that i am leaving for my successor.

In 2011 killing of Osama bin ladin in Abbottabad is the major achievement of All

The outgoing president will hand over total power to president elect in jan20.

Mr Obama recalled the he cut to 15,000 from 18,000 war troops in war zones.

Moreover the United states and its allies come back with successful engagement on every front

Over the past 8 years no major attack on home land occurred.

Through diplomacy we shut shown Iran’s nuclear weapon program.

MR Obama takes credit for turning a shrinking economy to more than 3 percent as he prepares to leave.

last year poverty fell so fast in almost 50 years.

He give health facilities to million of people which was not denied before

In my tenure 90 percent people are insured.

A insurance that will free from the feat that illness or accident will derail your dreams.

Trump said Obama care is a lie to from the start.

Clean energy from the wind is now cheaper than dirtier sources of energy.

US army eases rules . It has bread ,turbans for Muslims


US army eases rules . It has bread ,turbans for Muslims.

US army taken steps to make it easier for sikh, Muslims and other religious minorities to obtain approval to dresses according to their religious customs .

Eric fanning army secretary singed memorandum for standard uniform policy.

A policy where people with religous matter could wear bears,turbans and head scarfs.

This policy will apply to from top to bottom in Army

The accommodation will not effect the job specialties or duty locations .

Moreover LT Colonel randy taylor said the our goal is to balance soldier readiness and accommodation.

Consequently New Rules are welcome by sikh coalition

Soldiers beard would be of only 2 inches.

In the same way Soldier must wear combat helmets and must have their hairstyle fit according to it.

As a result New rules includes head scarf or hijabs for muslims women.


Russia undoubtedly empede US election, Congress

Russia undoubtedly empede US election.
Top Us official said in congressional panel that Russia is with no doubt .
In addition They interfered in US elections in 2016.

Top Us official said in congressional panel that Russia is with no doubt .

In addition They interfered in US elections in 2016.

IN last October Intelligence community issued statement that Russia had interfered to help Republican Donald trump.

National Intelligence Director james Clapper told to the armed committee that intelligence community has now collected more evidence to claim.

WE stand more powerfully on the claim that we did on 7th on October., he said

Mr. Clapper, Marcel Letter, the under-secretary of defense for intelligence, and Admiral Michael Rogers, head of the US Cyber Command,testified on foreign cyber threats and on Russian hacking.

Trump using wikileaks to cast doubt on election
The three officials that joint statement before witness calling Russia ” a full cyber actor that poses a major threat’ to America infrastructure.

Although President elect Trump denied intelligence allegations .

Mr clapper told the committee that it would a big big mistake to depend on julian assange.

As a matter of fact LAst week President Obama imposed sanctions on 35 Russian diplomats and force them to leave the country.

US puts Osama bin Laden’s son on terror blacklist

US puts Osama bin Laden's son on terror blacklist

US puts Osama bin Laden’s son on terror blacklist.United sTates put Hamza bin ladin to their terrorist blacklist.

US puts Osama bin Laden’s son on terror blacklist because of its support to Al Qaeda

Hamza who is in mid of twenties has become so active in Al – Qaeda publicist .

It was active because of the father death at the hands of US special forces in 2011.

in july 2016 hamza had an audio recorded message in which he had threatened revenge against the united states.

he promised to continue with the global militant group’s fight against the united states of America and its allies.

In his 21 minute speech speech he say “WE are all OSAMA” according t o the SITe intelligence Group.

Trump using wikileaks to cast doubt on election

Trump using wikileaks
Trump using wikileaks

Donald trump using julian assange to put doubt on the Russian hacking election 2016.

Trump suggested that Democratic National Committee is to blame for the hacking of its computers and emails.

DNC have not a anti hacking system to prevent cyber attacks ,trump said

Although DNC is responsible for the misconduct in elections.

Morover after the emails that was made public of the DNC led to the resignation of the DNC chairwomen and other officials.

Julian assange said that a 14 year old guy could hack the podesta and why DNC was so careless on that .

American intelligence community ,republicans and democrats still say that Russia is behind the hacks .

But trump denied theses allegations.

Trump tweeted that he will meet the chairman of the CIA and director FBI on friday

Jay clayton expert on financial and regulatory law will be the chairman of the securities and exchange company .

Clayton said that he carefully monitor the financial sector and set policies that help companies to create jobs.

Clayton has deep ties to wall street having represented Goldman Sachs grop and barclays Capital.

Vice president elect Mike pense told republicans that on 20 jan there will be a 90 minute inaugural parade.

After that trump will go direct to the office ad sign orders .

Afghan led affair peace to Afghanistan: US

Afghan led affair peace

Afghan led affair peace

The United states eminent on afghan absence from the Afghan peace talks held in Moscow last week.

US hoped that this peace talk can lead afghan to peace.

The three talks consist of Pakistan Russia and china but failed to invite afghanistan.

Although the Us department spokesman focus on the point that Afghanistan has the right to negotiate with other nations.

As the negotiation can be only concerned to the country and its people.

Us said that only Afghan led reuniting process could bring peace to Afghanistan.

“US supported three way talks in that ways that it should help Afghanistan more secure than ever”.

It will support President Ashraf Gahni and Cheif Executive Abdullah .

Moreover JOhn kirby replied to one of the question that we are not in the meeting so we cannot tell the specifics of the meeting.

Us will always welcome to the talks that concerned to the Afghanistan interest and to its people.

Gulbadin Hekmatyar has now signed a peace deal with Kabul that will help to remove National and international Sanctions.

Us troops facing warning from Russia in baltic states

us facing warning from russia
Us troops facing warning .

Us troops facing warning from Russia has put dozens of specials operational forces in Baltic countries of Estonia,Latvia and Lithuania.

Trump backs Julian Assange over Russia hacking claim

Trump using wikileaks

Donald Trump backs Julian Assange over Russia hacking claim

Cutt UN funds to protest anti-Israel vote


Cutt un funds for the united nations in result of vote last week.

Obama administration step back from vetoing Un resolution about denounce the expansion of Israeli settlements.

Cutt UN fundsUn vote is very much upsetting to Donald Trump

Things will be different once he enters the White House on jan20 Trump tweeted


Us congress would expell Palestinian diplomats from the US and scale back ties with the foreign nations who are in favor of the vote.

The UNSC passed resolution was the final attack on Israel Senator Ted Cruz said.

United state congress reconvenes on jan 3, under the constitution we control the taxpayer funds they would use for their anti Israel initiatives

President Obama ,JOhn kerry , Un ambassador Samantha Power and thier collegues should remember that

Congress must stop vicious attack on our great ally Israel.

Finally Trump could reset the relation with Israel.

Seems like Senator Ted cruz message is similar to the Israeli government official reprimand of the administraion

Pentagon can protect US allies from North Korea Missile Threats.

pentagon can protect
Pentagon can protect

US defense department said pentagon can protect Us allies from the intercontinental ballistic missile threats .

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