A faulty wing flap to blame according to the Flight recorder in Russa plane crash

Russian media says the crashed jet in the black sea according to the flight recorder from this jet revealed the faulty flaps were to blame ..
The flaps are the panels on the wings the help the aircraft to lift it up were not moving together .

The LAst words of the Crew that includes … “The flaps…,, Hell !!”

The aircraft ageing Tu-154 came down off to the Russian cost with the loss of all 92 passengers and crew .

64 persons were on board of the alexandrov military music ensemble as well as one the Russia known humanitarian figures Yelizaveta Glinka.

The airplane was heading towards to the Russia air force in Syria where the choir was due to held at a New Years concert.

The recent findings that come from black box of the cockpit conversation was found underwater about a mile from the shore on Tuesday.

One of the recording that played on Russia media was the final conversation between the ATC(air traffic controller) and the plans’s crew the revealed no sign of difficulties.


The plan that had landed for refueling near the city of Sochi and when it take off from the airport it crashed.

Disappearing from the radar after 2 minutes taking off from the Adler airport at 05:23 (02:23 GMT) on Sunday.

15 bodies have been recovered from the crash site according to the authorities said.

It was a 33 year old Tupolev plane that was no longer use the the airlines in Russia but used by the military .
The investigation team that it may be a possibility of terrorism instead concentrating on human error .


Tupolev-154 : Russian workhourse

– The main piller of Soviet and Russia airlines for decades
– Narrow bodied and of medium range three engines
– mid 1960 design came into working in 1972 and was refurbished in 1986 with new modern engines and equipment.

– There is a total of 39 accidents in Lebanon Georgia and Afghanistan due to poorly weather conditions and technical problems.
– Rejected to use in Russia civil aviation since 2009 but still used by the military.
What is the Alexandrov Ensemble?

– Official choir of the russian armed forces.
– Founded in 1928 Soviet era.
– Orchestra and dancers also includes in thie group.
– Take its names from the first director , Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov, who wrote the music that was the national anthem of soviet union.