China makes war

In addition Chinese textbooks currently date the Chinese people war of resistance against Japanese aggression to july 7,1937 and the event which came to full scale invasion is the event of Marco polo.

Moreover The new guidelines delivered to all the schools and universities that push back tehe start date of the Mukden incident of septĀ 18 1931,after which Tokyo forces occupied Manchuria in north eastern china.

Above all The initial years of Japanese were the part of same whole .

Ministry said that the change was intended to strenthen patriotic education.

70th anniversary of Japan second world war with a military parade happen in Beijing.

State media did not mention the roles of allies or the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In fact Course material include fully reflect how the Chinese communist party was strength dring the war

And highlight how the Chinese people were not afraid of the intense adversity.

Speaking at press ,foreign ministry spokesperson lu kung said the change would help younger generations remembers their past.

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