Trudeau questioned in ethics probe over holiday with Aga Khan


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that he has been questioned about holiday tookup with aghan khan.
investigation into the vacation could hurt Trudeau who came to power in 2015.

Trudeau is the most popular and recent prime minister , has taken a hit with electorate amid allegations he broke the rules .

He take a private helicopter to bell island a Bahamas resort owned by Agha khan.

It was a private vacation with a personal friend he told to the news in Fredericton.

I am answering questions that the ethics commissioner has for us on hat .

Trudeau did not elaborate the discussion with Dawson .

if the ethics commissioner rules against him
Trudeau could face a small a small fine.

Trudeau said he has known agha khan since childhood.

Trudeau is currently on a cross country tour,

Trudeau though that there is not immediate danger since the next election is not until october 2019 and both main opposition parties lack permanent leaders.

Nigeria mistakenly bombs refugee camp, kills more than 100: official


Nigerian state official said that air force fighter jet is on a mission that was against boko haram extremist has mistakenly bombed a refugee camp , killing more than hundred 100 refuges and aid workers.

Borno state goverment official is helping to co ordinate the evacuation of the wounded.
Maj Gen kucky Irabor military commander confirmed the accidental bombardment in the northwast Rann.

General said that the wounded are nigerians working for the doctors withour border and the international commitee of the red cross.

First time nigerian military has admitted a mistake

MH370 search called off

A woman writes a message on a board for passengers onboard missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and their family members, at Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur March 22, 2014. Two weeks after the airliner went missing with 239 people on board, officials are bracing for the "long haul" as searches by more than two dozen countries turn up little but frustration and fresh questions. REUTERS/Samsul Said (MALAYSIA - Tags: DISASTER TRANSPORT)

Malaysian airlines flight mh370 search has been called off by leaving unsolved mysteries of the world.

Three years this airplane was vanished and till now no part of this airplane found.

Despite the most modern technology of the world and the skilled professional are unable to find the airplane.
This jet disappread from kaula lampur to beijing.

THe news were that this airplane has been hijacked or reroute but since there was no evidence at all about this.

Deep water specialist scoured the occean floor at depths upto several thousand meteres before giving up the search.

Malaysian airlines has been suspended this search has thorough and comprehensive.

Relatives lashed out after this annoucement and to further proceed the search which cost $135 million

The end of search which has a joint operation of Australia china and malaysia was flagged months ago.
Authorities saying that absense of significiant information there was nothing more to go on

Spain’s Felipe meets Saudi king as warship sale mooted


Spain king met with Saudi king during a visit coinciding with talks to sell Spanish warships.

Felipe is 48 and lunch hosted by salam 81 who decorated him with the cordon of king abdul Aziz, the highest Saudi honor for a foreigner .

They further discussed relations of two friendly nations and how to be merge in various fields.

They also discussed the situation about middle east

Felipe arrived late on Saturday.

Spanish minister said Minister Alfonso Dastis works minister inigo would accompany Felipe during the visit.

Spanish media linked this trip to sell Avante 200 corvettes for $2.1 billion.

Spain is the largest arm supporter in this world while Saudi is one of the biggest arms buyer in the region.

A saudi led coalition began to air strikes over Yemen almost 2 years ago.

Riyadh feared the the houthis would seize all Yemen and movie in to the orbit of Shia Iran, Sunni Saudi Arabia regional rival.

But air camping has faced criticism from rights groups over civilian casualties.

This year Saudi budget allocates 191 billion rivals for military.

97 billion riyals to pay for naval bases.

Rights groups said that Spanish sale to warships to Saudi would be illegal under international law.

Al Shoula a Spanish consortium is building a high speed railway across the desert to link the holy cites of Makkah and Median.

Afghan govt says ‘IS militants’ kidnap 14 clerics


Afghan official said that the militant islamic group had kidnapped 14 clerics who were teachign at the school and two administrators.

Muhammad Asif Shiwari,spokesman provincial education department said three armed gun man took place over this weekend.

No one has claimed responsibility till now including Is.

Meanwhile IN northen afghanistan baglan province ,gunmen who shot and killed the senior government official.

Cargo jet crash kills at least 37 in Kyrgyzstan


Jet plane crashed on Monday in residential area outside the main airport in krygyztan.

The crash has killed 27 people, Emergency minstry said

Boing 747 crashed outside the manas Airport.

The people have been killed who are in the residential area adjacent to the airport.

Report od the dead people are 37 according to emergency officials.

15 children inclusing 6 are in the hospital.

Images of the crash show that the nose was stuck in the brick house.

The plane crash damaged 15 building in the village,said by crisis management centre at the emergencies.

The plane belonged to Istanbul based cargo the company ACt said the fault was unknown.
Turkey condolense on the incident meeting with kyrgyz counterpart.

Manas has been considerably expanded since the United stated began to operate a military installation at the manas airport for operations in Afghanistan.

Amnericans troops vacated the base and handover it to the krygyz military in 2014.

i woke up because of the bright red light , an injured survivor said.

i could’nt understand what was happgning the walls were tearing apart and i take action to save my son so that the debris could not fall on him.

More than 1000 rescue workers rushed at the place .

krgyz emergency situations said the it was foggy at Manas and when the plane came down the wheather was not critical.

Till now no flight recorder has been found.

Earlier reports show that the jet belonged to Turkish Airlines.

Somehow Turkish airlines claimed that no incident has been happen to turkish airlines cargo.

Shootings reported in Mexico night club


Mexican resort of playa del carmen , a shooting have been reported in two clubs
during the close night of BPM electronic festival.

The people who were present at that time they told that they have heard the shots and they claim that 5 people could have been killed.

But there has been no confirmation yet.

Another shooting were reported at jungle.

Thes festival is popular in USA and united kingdom.

THE BPM festival ran for 10 days and more than 375 musicians , DJS and artists

China makes war : Japan China six years longer


China makes war

In addition Chinese textbooks currently date the Chinese people war of resistance against Japanese aggression to july 7,1937 and the event which came to full scale invasion is the event of Marco polo.

Moreover The new guidelines delivered to all the schools and universities that push back tehe start date of the Mukden incident of sept 18 1931,after which Tokyo forces occupied Manchuria in north eastern china.

Above all The initial years of Japanese were the part of same whole .

Ministry said that the change was intended to strenthen patriotic education.

70th anniversary of Japan second world war with a military parade happen in Beijing.

State media did not mention the roles of allies or the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In fact Course material include fully reflect how the Chinese communist party was strength dring the war

And highlight how the Chinese people were not afraid of the intense adversity.

Speaking at press ,foreign ministry spokesperson lu kung said the change would help younger generations remembers their past.

Syrian governor deal :Restore Damascus water


Syrian governor deal

Syrian governor reached on a point that army will go in the rebel held area to restore water supply.

Opposition sources denied that there was not any such deal.

SANA agency reported people were leaving the region and dozens of them were fighters.

Deal comes after the weeks of fighting in the region.

The fighting has put large damage on water resources in result 5.5 million people suffer from the shortage of water, UN said

Damascus governor Alaa Ibrahim told sana that a deal has been done to re-control the region.

Non militants leave the area of WAdi Barda he said.

Somehow Then Syrian army will enter in the city to clear all the bombs and mines and recover the water pumps and pipes.

Ahmed ramadan official opposition national coalition denied that such deal .

The information is not true and its a part of psychological warfare.

Jan 23 peace talks

More-over fighting is still continue in wadi barada .

Work is ongoing and the list of participants is gathering.

Although Regime ally Iran is also supporting for peace talks and talk on the issue that has killed 310,000 people.

Turkey and rebels warned that the ongoing fighting in wadi barada could destroy the talks in Astana .

Observatory reported government air strikes in several parts of the Eastern ghouta region outside Damascus that killed one person and wounded 9.

At overnight air strikes hit rebel held parts of Aleppo and idlib province.

US backs Afghan claim of terrorist safe havens in Fata


US backs Afghan claim

Pakistan is facing difficulties in combating terrorist in FATA.

US department said that due to technical limitations of the military it is unable to eliminate their safe heavens.

There spokesman Mark toner said that the terrorist in FATA go to afghanistan and do the attacks inside.

Moreover the US force to Pakistan to consider the Afghanistan security.

India ,Pakistan and Afghanistan to work together to eliminate terrorism.

Many killed in twin suicide blasts near Afghan parliament on Tuesday.

Another blast in Kandhar wounded the UAE ambassador Juma Muhammed Abdullah Al kabbi and some other diplomats.

Government in Kabul said tat terrorist were able to strike targets inside the Afghanistan whever they wanted .

Because Pakistan had allowed them to build their safe heavens in Fata, Islamabad rejects this baseless charge.

Mark toner replied to journalist in q question that we have publically said to Pakistan that remove safe heavens of terrorism.

Us said Pakistan to eliminate terrorism at all cost.

Erdogan spokesman slam us military :supporting surian kurdish militia


Erdogan spokesman slam us military

Turkey President slam US military on Tuesday for supporting Syrian militants that are fighting the turkey state.

The main Us partner on the ground in Syria in the fight against the Islamic State group includes powerful Kurdish YPG militia.

Somehow ,YPG is an extension of PKK militant group which waged a three decade insurgency in turkey , Turkey views on that.

More : 43 at least killed in car bomb in Syrian town

It is considered as a a terrorist organization by Ankara , us and the European union.

SDF confirms that it has no affiliation with PKK.

Turkey is hoping that the new president Elect Trump with re consider their policy in Syria.


Morocco bans Burqas :Production and sale


Morocco bans Burqas

Morocco has ban the production and sale of burqas for security reasons.

No official statement from the north African nations, Interior ministry order would take this week according to the report.

““We have taken the step of completely banning the import, manufacture and marketing of this garment in all the cities and towns of the kingdom,” the interior ministry said this week.

This garment is used to perpetrate their crimes by security measure is done to ban this .

Authorities ordered to stop making burqas in southern morocco.

Northern town also received similar instructions.

Moreover if Morocco is banning the hijaab ,if it is true it would be a disaster, he added.


Hammad Kabbaj a standing parliamentary election member said the ban is unacceptable.

In comments on Facebook he said that western swimsuits on the beaches , an untouchable right.

Oussama Boutaher a man who defend Islamist prisoners said burqa ban amounted to discrimination.

Although It attacks individual freedoms.

Our example is not Afghanistan, Our example is only Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and his followers.

Added boutaher , who also rubbished the idea the burqa would improve security.

In addition,lawmaker Nouzha Skalli ,social development minister welcomed the ban as important step towards the fight against religious extremism.

Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof sentenced to death by US jury


Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof sentenced

Us jury out Dylan n Roof a white supremacist to death over the massacre of 9 black worshipers in a south Carolina church in June 2015.

America was completely shocked by that crime.

Hate crimes , Roof convicted with 33 federal charges is resulted in death with the connection of church in downtown Charleston.

Roof smiled in the reaction of the decision made by Us jury.

Sentence will be formerly deliver on Wednesday by Federal Judge Richard Gergel.

He told to jurors that “I feel like i had to do it .”

Roof called no lawyer and witness to jury.

Further more he asked for new attorney after called for sentence by jury.

‘Not one tear’

Prosecutor Jay Richardson recommend jurors to sentence Rood to death for “this cold, calculated, malicious killing.”

Richardson only noted that roof expressed sorrow on his parent through emotional trial during which his mother suffered a heart attack after survivor’s gripping testimony.

He feel pity for what he had done .he lost his watch movies and drive a car hobby.

black people are killing white people.somebody has to to something, Roof said

roof said to the FBI special agent “they rape 100 people a day”

I have not shed a single tear for the innocent people i Killed, Roof said .

His parents said to USA media that he will always pray for Charleston community.

WE will go to the extreme to find out why he done this horrible attack.

Tim Scott a white senator said that 19 months ago a heartless murderer attempted to start a race war.

Emotional Obama comforts, encourages US in farewell speech


Emotional Obama comforts

Obama Said i have made major economic changes in my decade.

Further more he offered his vision for the Challenges that are new and problems that he was able to overcome , he offered his positive attitude to others .

A crew of 18,000 Obama told that our progress was uneven.

The game of democracy is very hard, some times bloody and we think to take one step back.

Obama on his complete work confidence he said that the future will be ours.

Further more he offered his tribute to her wife and her son with a handkerchief with a tears in hand.

He admire Michelle Obama for taking her role “with grace and style and good humor” and for making white house a place that belongs to everybody.
Obama and his family soon exit the national stage.A place to be replaced by trump.

He is very much anxious about the election that has done in October 2016 and also Americans are much worried about that .

In television speech by Obama the Americans were very much in anxiety by the future of america.

Russia had said that he has compromising personal and financial information about trump.

One of the greatest power is the peaceful transfer of power from one president to another .

Crowd said that 4 more years .Obama replied that i can not do that .

He also pushed back the isolationist element in trump trade . he also decried descriminate against Muslim Americans.
He also said to the people that believe in actual news not fake news.

Obama revived a call to activism . telling the american citizens to completely engaged in Politics.

Try to talk with one in real rather then arguing with stranger on internet , he said.

Paying tribute to first place after first black president he says there were so many hopes after his post racial election america 2008.

Race relations are so much great now then decades ago.

The community organizer closed his speech on “yes we can” now he closed with speech with “Yes we did”

After nearly a decade Obama will soon become a private citizen,and elder statesman at 55.

Planning to take sometime off,write a book and immerse in democratic redistricting campaign.

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