Jet plane crashed on Monday in residential area outside the main airport in krygyztan.

The crash has killed 27 people, Emergency minstry said

Boing 747 crashed outside the manas Airport.

The people have been killed who are in the residential area adjacent to the airport.

Report od the dead people are 37 according to emergency officials.

15 children inclusing 6 are in the hospital.

Images of the crash show that the nose was stuck in the brick house.

The plane crash damaged 15 building in the village,said by crisis management centre at the emergencies.

The plane belonged to Istanbul based cargo the company ACt said the fault was unknown.
Turkey condolense on the incident meeting with kyrgyz counterpart.

Manas has been considerably expanded since the United stated began to operate a military installation at the manas airport for operations in Afghanistan.

Amnericans troops vacated the base and handover it to the krygyz military in 2014.

i woke up because of the bright red light , an injured survivor said.

i could’nt understand what was happgning the walls were tearing apart and i take action to save my son so that the debris could not fall on him.

More than 1000 rescue workers rushed at the place .

krgyz emergency situations said the it was foggy at Manas and when the plane came down the wheather was not critical.

Till now no flight recorder has been found.

Earlier reports show that the jet belonged to Turkish Airlines.

Somehow Turkish airlines claimed that no incident has been happen to turkish airlines cargo.