Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof sentenced

Us jury out Dylan n Roof a white supremacist to death over the massacre of 9 black worshipers in a south Carolina church in June 2015.

America was completely shocked by that crime.

Hate crimes , Roof convicted with 33 federal charges is resulted in death with the connection of church in downtown Charleston.

Roof smiled in the reaction of the decision made by Us jury.

Sentence will be formerly deliver on Wednesday by Federal Judge Richard Gergel.

He told to jurors that “I feel like i had to do it .”

Roof called no lawyer and witness to jury.

Further more he asked for new attorney after called for sentence by jury.

‘Not one tear’

Prosecutor Jay Richardson recommend jurors to sentence Rood to death for “this cold, calculated, malicious killing.”

Richardson only noted that roof expressed sorrow on his parent through emotional trial during which his mother suffered a heart attack after survivor’s gripping testimony.

He feel pity for what he had done .he lost his watch movies and drive a car hobby.

black people are killing white people.somebody has to to something, Roof said

roof said to the FBI special agent “they rape 100 people a day”

I have not shed a single tear for the innocent people i Killed, Roof said .

His parents said to USA media that he will always pray for Charleston community.

WE will go to the extreme to find out why he done this horrible attack.

Tim Scott a white senator said that 19 months ago a heartless murderer attempted to start a race war.