43 at least killed. Syrian town car bomb killed 43 people

43 At least killed in Syrian car bomb went off in a busy market in revolt held Syrian town.

Car bomb blast occurred along with the Turkish border activist and rescue workers said.

The explosion was done at the central market in the town of Azaz.

Northern province of Alleppo damaging a government building and local court house as well.

Rami abdurrahman the syrian observatory head for human rights monitoring group said that .

6 people has been killed as opposition fighters.

Explosion was caused by fuel tanker because of this high death toll occurred.

Azaz media center reported death toll at 50.

Search and rescue operations continued for at least 2 hours.

Baha al – halabi in Aleppo said that there were many unidentified bodies due to the explosion.

Although Images that were shown online has a plume of black smoke rising and echoing of guns voice in the background.

so many rebels and civilians were pushed out from the Aleppo last year.

West of Azaz syrian kurdish forces have control of swath of land.

On east opposition fighters blacked by turkey and have been pushing back the militan Islamic state group fighters.