Thursday , October 27 2016

Dates Benefits In Urdu

Dates benefits in Urdu

Today you will know dates benefits in this Urdu article. These have many benefits for men, women and also for children. It also have many types like Ajwa, Medjool, Kalmi and some others. This is more popular in Arab countries and they use it on regular basis. Not only in …

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Haroon Rasheed Brilliant Analysis On Security Threats Fake News

security threats fake news

Recently Dawn news journalist Cyril Almeida told Pakistani security threats fake news. This was an important meeting of Govt and army officers that was held in prime minister’s house. PM house is a secure place and no one can enter without permission. This man whose name is Cyril Almeida and who …

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How To Make Skin White At Home In Urdu

make skin white

Today’s article is specially for those who want to make skin white, glowing and shining. Pakistani, Indian and some other Asian girl are silly for white color and use different tips, tricks and pills to make skin white and shine. In Pakistan, a number of companies are selling their skin …

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Shahbaz Sharif Funny Parody

Shahbaz Sharif funny parody

Post is about Shahbaz sharif funny parody. He is chief minister of Punjab, Pakistan. Media target politicians and highlight there mistakes by parody clips. This is a similar clip in which they are highlighting his mistakes and bad habits. A leader must think about public first and then about itself. It …

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Om Puri Bashing On Indian Govt For Banning Pakistani Artists

Om Puri bashing on Indian Govt

Today’s post is about Om puri bashing on Indian Govt because they banned Pakistani artists in India. Om puri is an Indian but how he is in favour of this country? Let me explain the story. He came in Pakistan in March 2014 people showed their love for him and then he realized …

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Man Bashing Khawaja Saad Rafique On Railway Station

Khawaja Saad Rafique

Khawaja Saad Rafique is railway minister of Pakistan but his performance is related to previous ministers. Pakistan’s railway system has destroyed as most. Train is a faster way to travel but in Pakistan it did not upgraded. World is making this system more secure and faster and on the other …

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Talented Little Girl Offered For Singing By Coke Studio

talented little girl

Pakistan is full with talent and this post is about a Pakistani talented little girl who was offered for singing in Coke Studio. This is her video that will show how much beautiful is her voice. Pakistan has lot of talent for every field. This country’s people showed their best …

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Vulgarity in Pakistani Shows

vulgarity in Pakistan

Today’s article is about vulgarity in Pakistani shows. Pakistan is Islamic country but rules are not Islamic. This country’s rules violate policies of Islam. In this article, we would talk about vulgar acts of anchors and TV show hosts. Media of the past was not too much strong. In the …

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Back Pain Treatment In Urdu At Home

Back Pain Treatment In Urdu

Today’s article is about back pain treatment in Urdu at home. Health is each and every thing, without health life can not be happy. A sick person look unhappy while healthy man enjoy fully. But here are some rules that you have to follow for good health. Like eat natural …

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Pakistani Spy Pigeon Funny Indian Parody

pakistani spy pigeon

Today’s post is about Pakistani spy pigeon that was caught by Indian army. Sounds funny? Yes, story is also funny. Both are against each other since the first day when Pakistan came into existence. Actually this country was part of India but later Muslims demanded for a separate country. Any how this …

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Watch Proof Of Corruption Of Sharif Brothers

Corruption Of Sharif Brothers

After that day when PML(N) came in Govt. Imran Khan started to criticize on them specially on Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif. He always talked about Corruption Of Sharif Brothers. He said that PML(N) won 2013 election with rigging. He also criticize on care taker Govt. In 2014 he gave dharna in …

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PM Nawaz Sharif Is Talking About New Army Chief Video Leaked

PM Nawaz Sharif leaked video

PM Nawaz Sharif is present PM of Pakistan and General Raheel Sharif is present Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan. Raheel Sharif did his job very well. He make country more safe by starting operation against terrorists in Pakistan. He started operation Zarb-E-Azb that played major role in reducing enemies attack. This …

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Watch And Know When Pak Rangers Will Go To Punjab

Pak Rangers

Pakistan is facing many issues since years and one of the major is terrorism. This country faced lot of lose while this fight. Pakistan’s brave army still fighting against them in the lead of General Raheel Sharif. They are working not only boarders but Pak Rangers are also working inside the …

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Mubashir Luqman Bashing Nawaz Sharif Due To MQM

Mubashir Luqman Bashing

This video is related to Nawaz Sharif in which  Mubashir Luqman bashing on him due to his double face. When PML(N) was in opposition they said that MQM is a terrorist party. They destroy peace in Karachi. After they came in Govt Nawaz Sharif starting to support MQM and trying to …

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