Wednesday , September 28 2016

Watch Proof Of Corruption Of Sharif Brothers

Corruption Of Sharif Brothers

After that day when PML(N) came in Govt. Imran Khan started to criticize on them specially on Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif. He always talked about Corruption Of Sharif Brothers. He said that PML(N) won 2013 election with rigging. He also criticize on care taker Govt. In 2014 he gave dharna in …

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PM Nawaz Sharif Is Talking About New Army Chief Video Leaked

PM Nawaz Sharif leaked video

PM Nawaz Sharif is present PM of Pakistan and General Raheel Sharif is present Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan. Raheel Sharif did his job very well. He make country more safe by starting operation against terrorists in Pakistan. He started operation Zarb-E-Azb that played major role in reducing enemies attack. This …

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Watch And Know When Pak Rangers Will Go To Punjab

Pak Rangers

Pakistan is facing many issues since years and one of the major is terrorism. This country faced lot of lose while this fight. Pakistan’s brave army still fighting against them in the lead of General Raheel Sharif. They are working not only boarders but Pak Rangers are also working inside the …

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Mubashir Luqman Bashing Nawaz Sharif Due To MQM

Mubashir Luqman Bashing

This video is related to Nawaz Sharif in which  Mubashir Luqman bashing on him due to his double face. When PML(N) was in opposition they said that MQM is a terrorist party. They destroy peace in Karachi. After they came in Govt Nawaz Sharif starting to support MQM and trying to …

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Indian Air Hostess Rape Scandal By Pilot Of Same Plane

Air Hostess Rape Scandal

This post is about Indian air hostess rape scandal. An Indian pilot raped his plane’s air hostess. First talk about Indian society. There media criticize on Pakistan and it is very common. Both countries are against each other but Pakistan respect them and do not talk or do any thing that can …

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Anchor Imran Khan Bashing On Altaf Hussain

Imran Khan Bashing On Altaf Hussain

Anchor Imran Khan Bashing On Altaf Hussain MQM Rigging In Election 2013 Exposed By Media Javed Chaudhry Revealed MQM Attack Inside Story Altaf Hussain Giving Orders to Attack on Rangers  

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MQM Rigging In Election 2013 Exposed By Media

MQM rigging in election 2013

MQM rigging in election 2013 exposed by anchor Imran Khan. Also watch :  MQM Target Killer Confession Video MQM Workers Attack On Media Channels in Karachi Farooq Sattar Arrested By Rangers in Karachi Watch How Aamir Liaquat Challenge To Rangers  

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Ad Released To Join Lahore Qalandars Team in PSL

Lahore Qalandars

Pakistan’s national game is hockey but cricket is more popular here then hockey or any other game. Cricket is very famous in Asian countries Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Now Afghanistan also has stepped in. Pakistan is one of the best teams in the world. It is bad luck that …

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Altaf Hussain Giving Orders to Attack on Rangers

Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain is leader of MQM. He control MQM from London while Farooq Sattar gives him all updates from Karachi. His workers can do each and every thing for him. Recent days we saw MQM Workers attack on media houses. This was ordered by Altaf Hussain. He also talked again …

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