Monday , August 29 2016

MQM Workers Attack On Media Channels in Karachi

attack on media

Pakistani media is strong in these days. Years back media of Pakistan was not too much strong. They were targeted and harmed in martial laws but now a day story is different. Today they have ability to even change minds of people. This video is related, MQM workers attack on …

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MQM Target Killer Confession Video

mqm target killer

MQM Target Killer confession by Pak Rangers. MQM is one of the powerful parties in Sindh and it is leaded by Altaf Hussain. Their leader is in London. He made “Rabita Committee” that do all the works and sent reports to him in London. Muttahida Qaumi Movement(MQM) blamed for terrorism in …

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Nabil Gabol Alerting Aamir Liaquat About His Kill

Nabil Gabol alerting Aamir Liaquat

Nabil Gabol alerting Aamir Liaquat about his kill. Target killing in Pakistan specially in Karachi was on its top in recent Govt. Attacks on traders with hand bombs and cracker bombs where common. Killers demond for rupees and if someone do not pay them they kill him. After General Raheel …

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Pakistan News : Is Nawaz Sharif Going To Resign

Nawaz Sharif resign

Once again Nawaz Sharif resign is latest topic in Pakistan media. On 18 august Nabil Gabol in a Pakistani TV show “Faisla Aap Ka” told that Nawaz Sharif will resign after September and he said more that new PM may be Shahbaz Sharif or Hamza Shabaz. Is it true or …

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NA 110 rigging case : Lot Of Voters Could Not Be Verify

na 110 rigging case

Latest news about NA 110 rigging case. NA 110 is a circle in sialkot of Khawaja Asif. He is candidate of PML(N). On other side his competitor is Muhammad Usman Dar from PTI. In elections 2013 Khawaja Asif won the seat from there. After one year later Imran Khan started to talk about Rigging …

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Rana Sanaullah Admited Money Laundering Done By Nawaz Sharif

money laundering in pakistan

Latest scandal of Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif about Money Laundering came to know. Rana Sanaullah is Govt minister and belongs to PML(N). He talked about this topic in a live TV show Nadeem Malik Live. Money Laundering is a process in which some one transfer money from one country …

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